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TaTaTu is the first social media and entertainment app to reward users for the value they help generate by spending time on the platform. Users receive TTU Coins for viewing content and social media interactions. They can post photos and videos and earn even more TTU Coins when someone likes, comments, views, or shares a post or when users invite a friend. Rewards can be redeemed by bidding at auctions for the chance to win exclusive products and experiences, on TaTaTu’s e-commerce site, and soon nearby at selected locations through affiliated merchants. TaTaTu cares about its users, not only by rewarding them, but also by offering them direct or indirect access to original content with an important focus on culture, inclusion, gender equality and sustainability, thereby enhancing social media engagement and fostering social and environmental awareness.
Tatatu S.p.A. was founded in 2020 by renowned film producer Andrea Iervolino.